Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Few nights ago I went to the Keith Barry show in Limerick. A known illusionist, mentalist that originates from Ireland and has travelled the world. He's gone on Ellen Degeneres' shows several times and so on. Thing is, I didn't know all this before I went to the show.

I thought it was a MAGIC show, never having heard of this guy in my life. Naive as always.

When I entered the hall, all I thought to myself was , ooh giant play cards! Not realising it spelt asylum a.k.a an institution for the insane.

The first half of the show was the typical magic tricks and a little of laughs here and there. The second half of the show though, involved covert hypnotism. Those who wanted to participate went on stage while I laid back and watched the show.

They followed every word he said, oblivious of reality. Although I got to admit, it was pretty hilarious how they did all kinds of things by just mere words.

They thought they were Aliens conversing in Martian.
They thought they were a symphony jamming their heart out
They thought the carrot was weed and began smoking it
A girl forgot her name, her identity
Some of them even got orgasms just by him shaking their hands. 

Hypnotism's real that I know. But it's just entertainment to me.
Not gonna even step into it deeply knowing that it originates from somewhere of the unknown.
Using hypnotism in real life, you might even slip into fantasy without realising it

I'll stick to Jesus thank you very much :) 

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