Saturday, 8 January 2011

Cake Cake Cake

So yeah I turned 17. The one thing different this year was, I didn't organise ANYTHING. and this is really different from the norm as since I was 8 years old, there hasn't been a year without a party or an outing. But nonetheless, somehow, plans were just "made" for me.

First event of the day : Birthday lunch @ Finnegans with Mumsie, Uncle Mike and Aunty Salvee.
Funny fact is that approximately 17 years ago, Aunty Salvee was the one that delivered me! Yeap she was the nurse!

Mum ordered a fresh cream cake with berries a variety from The Wooden Spoon and it was GORGEOUS. 

When I thought facebook was good as a reminder, I didn't expect this many posts. And this isn't even the full amount. There were more posts that weren't rounded up in this notification. The tweets, texts & calls were definitely not included.

I was just shocked beyond belief !

More updates to come :)

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