Sunday, 9 January 2011

Eunice Leyva's 18th

Eunice Anne Sonya Leyva
A person who shares the same birthday as me but being a year older, had a magnificent extravagant birthday. The biggest 18th birthday party I've ever witnessed. It seems that the 18th birthday for Filipinos was a very memorable and important one according to culture. 

The birthday was held in Bunratty Castle Hotel with 14 tables filled with guests, lights up, music, video presentations, photoshoot banners of Eunice. I really felt like as if I was attending a wedding! She even had two different dresses for the night and both were equally as gorgeous. in glittering red and stunning yellow.

Even the cake left me speechless. Doesn't this look like a wedding cake to you? What made me gasp even more was that it was made by her mother and sisters! A 3 tiered cake with fondant icing all around.

At the beginning of the ceremony there wasn't any food except the one chocolate fondue fountain that was at the entrance. Kids swarmed over this like bees even when the machine stopped functioning, everyone just continue dipping in the marshmallows into the semi-hardened chocolate.

It's chocolate! When does it ever fail to please ?

18 Roses
represents the 18 most special guys in her life. Number 18 representing the closest guy. Each guy beginning from Number 1 would have to dance with her while passing her a rose each. At the end of all the 18 guys, she would then have 18 roses in hand and have the last dance with her most special one.

18 Candles
would then be the 18 closest girls in her life. In the same order as the guys, they would then have a short speech about the birthday girl and when they're done they would put the lit candle on the cake. When all 18 candles have been pushed in, then she would blow them out.

I found the 18 roses and candles such a unique thing. It was definitely unheard of for me.

There was even a place for photoshoots to be taken. One of the corners in the room had black banners with Eunice @ 18 printed all over it which provided a spot for anyone to camwhore !

A few pairs of the roses & candles then had a cotillion dance which was choreographed by themselves. It was definitely enjoyable to watch, although I watched it several times earlier during the practices. 

The reason I was at the party was to play the piano in the Flywire band. This was on short notice but it was a different experience all right. All I've ever done was play in the band at church and that's it. Performing songs like Listen To Your Heart , Just The Way You Are and even Gimme Gimme Gimme from Mamma Mia!

The night ended with a bang as the dancefloor anthem began. People over here call it the disco. I'll still stick to dancefloor nonetheless or even clubbing. Disco just reminds me of the 80s with the big boogie hair and belt bottom.

Had the honour of performing together with the birthday girl as well :)

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