Sunday, 9 January 2011

Extended Birthday

So here's the continuation of my birthday story. Paid a visit to the Ice Skating Rink in Limerick which is a temporary one that travels from city to city. Since it was here for a month, my yearmates decided to go, surprisingly it was the same day as my birthday so yeah!

Price was attrocious to me though. Normal rates were 16 (RM64) per HOUR. I was flabbergasted. But oh well, once in a polkadotted moon eh? 

The following section revolved around gaining buckets of fats. Jamzone Youth had a sleepover and he happened to fall on my birthday as well! We had an indoor bouncy castle to start it off as well as sumo wrestling. After walking several steps I was exhausted from wearing the sumo suit which had the scent of...well, a sumo.

Thing was, we combined both the sumo fat suits together with the bouncy castle which looked like pinball in the end. Fat bouncy balls bouncing everywhere squashing innocent people, or the other way round. Bouncy castles were made for grown ups! Who in the world said it was meant for kids! 

Proceeded on with a session of praise & Worship as well as a group discussion which made me really think. The questions such as 
"Does having faith in God make life harder or easier?"

Most thought it to be harder as then you'll have to face the temptations and so forth. But to think of it, if without the faith, you'd fall prey to the temptations which will leave you in an even stickier situation. 
So really, it is for the best isn't it :)?

Before Ruan returned to South Afriza for further studies. We gave him a card filled with heart melting messages. Annoying him for the last time was done by playing psychiatrist.

What's that? 
All of us have a certain problem in common and he had to figure it out.

Answer :
We were all being the person that was sitting on our right.

For example, 
If he asked me what my gender was and a guy was on my right, I'd answer that I'm a guy :)

We drove him nuts with that :)

The recession game! 

All you need : a cereal box and...homosapiens!
Basically we were required to pick up the cereal box with our mouths, without touching the floor with our hands or any other part of our legs. But the thing is, after every round the cereal box is then torn to be shorter.

The game ended with aches and pains and both Ruan and I battling to pick up the cardboard base of the box, both succeeding by using our tongues. Licking the floor, not a fun thing.

Ended the day with a movie watching Wolverine  at 4 in the morning lying on our beds consisting out of 7 chairs pushed together thanks to the ingenius thinking of Kamil. To the naked human eye, that "bed" looked like the most uncomfortable way to sleep but it turned out the total opposite!

My beauty sleep disappeared in a smash of a cymbal thanks to the lads who woke us up with such a "creative" alarm by jamming on the guitar and whacking the drums for an extended amount of time.

Found a 6cm long bruise along my hip. Nice birthday present ain't it?

Thanks to the people who got me gifts :)

Mum + Uncle Mike = MONEH $$
Patricia = Chocolates
Jamzone = awesome card with retarded messages filled with love

You really left me shocked Pat :) Didn't know you would get me anything

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