Saturday, 15 January 2011

It's all about the money

Long time since I updated since I kind of had a boring-nothing-out-of-the-ordinary week at school. Spent my nights slowly watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal the korean drama which yes I have finished. At first I thought it was some scandal between two guys and a girl. Then I found out it was actually a scandal of a girl disguising herself as a guy to go to school (based in the olden days as girls weren't allowed to have education)

Was definitely nice. The main lead's from DBSK

Stayed over at Wise's and Bonnie's and ended up having a 3 hour long game of 
A game I haven't played since that day Jess, Tiru and I don't know who else came over to my house (practically a few centuries ago). All I've ever played in my life was the very original version. Today's one moved so fast because it was the 


Ended up getting bankrupt with 0 left in mine. If only life was easy as getting 2 million every time you pass a certain phase in life. With special cards that arrive on your doorstep saying you won 1.5 million. 

If only life was like that hmm?

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