Sunday, 30 January 2011

Jamzones meets the Castlebarrians

My favourite time of the week : Church!! This time we had another sleepover but oh boy. This really was THE BEST sleepover we've ever had. Why? Finally it wasn't just the old, normal, repetitive faces. The youth from Castlebar church came all the way down and we made like 20 totally new friends!!!

What better way is there to bond other than to whack each other senseless in sumo suits on bouncy castles right?

We had a time of praise & worship and began with some ice breaking games. Introductions, truths and lies names being memorised (oh the pain) , discovering that there were so many people my age. FINALLYYYYY!!!!

and all that jazz.

We were broken up into groups at 3 in the morning and headed over to Tesco. Since the Castlebar-ians haven't done this challenge before, we had it again!
My team : Nathan.Michael.Byron & Michelle!

3 challenges
1) Get the cheapest item
2) Get the most items
3) Make a meal out of it

with only 1 euro.

There were 5 donuts being sold for 10cent so the guys cleaned them out. This whole spread on the table costs only 4.50. The first 3 plates at the bottom of the photo cost 1 euro ALTOGETHER. That was the winning team.  

Appetizer : Spring rolls & oranges
Main Course : Instant noodles
Dessert  : Donuts & Icing

This was my teams. Well mostly just Nathan and I did this.
 A donut tower surrounded by "so called bruschetta's" having cut up samosa and boiled mushrooms on it. Garnished with some sort of vegetables we found for 10 cent and finally a little grape on the top for the final touch

Total : 53 cent!

Continued the night with blasting our lungs out, shattering every glass in sight. Yeap it was time for
which probably resulted badly with my toad-like voice at the end of the night. But it was great fun!

Finally we all snuggled into our cocoons on the cold hard floor and began watching the movie 
"How To Save A Life"
Watched the first quarter only to fall asleep, to wake up during the part that represented my situation in life making me cry. The movie ended and finally the lights went off at 
6.50am in the morning.

Didn't get ANY sleep due to the shivering throughout the entire night!

We soon woke up, had our breaky and farewells. Hugs. Tears? maybe. And my call for the group photo. Made some really awesome friends...Can't believe I could talk to some like as if we knew each other for years. Why didn't I meet you guys when I first landed here in Ireland :( Hopefully we'll see you guys all again..


Immediately after that headed to work only to be a zombie & upgraded to super zombie during Church worship practice. Actually shut my eyes throughout the entire practice while playing the piano.

By the way, just watched the Black Swan today with my mum and Uncle Mike.
Boy was it one disturbing movie. Me thinking it was just slightly weird and mostly on ballet before the show was the total opposite. It was like

  10% Ballet 90% Demented

Not exactly my kind of movie. Kept closing my eyes at certain parts.
Such a heavy movie though, felt like I couldn't breathe at times haha!

School begins once again. Just one more week till Work Experience.
A full week at Shannon awaits me.
Okay I better slap myself back to my senses and begin my assignments :)

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