Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mary Stayed Out All Night

One of the latest korean dramas that just finished airing in Korea,

Mary Stayed Out All Night

Story was interesting and there were no annoying characters that I wanted to slap in the middle of the series so that was good! Hard to believe she was the depressed, tormented actress in Cinderella's stepsister, definitely proves that she can act.

Although, it's doesn't seem to be the BEST korean drama. Secret Garden still seems way better.

How can they make such a good looking guy look horrible in the korean drama.
I mean seriously, LONG HAIR on a guy turns me off.

Korean dramas aside,
school has yet begun once more and now since all the german exchange students have fled from our class, we have two new ones that just came in on Monday.

Amelie Wagner & Vivien Schneider!
I actually want to rabbit on about my endless nonsensical events in life but I think I'm gonna click on the pause button for now.

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