Sunday, 23 January 2011

Munster Youth @ Nenagh

Got the golden opportunity of snuggling under my covers till the clock struck one. Boy that was bliss. But that bliss soon ended as I headed over to The Hatchery, Nenagh

Okay most of you might go...
"You went to a place where people hatch chicken eggs?"

Well, the building WAS a hatchery but NOW it's a church! But they adopted the same name as it's relevantly awesome. Why did I go there? Because it was yet another awesome time for..

: a gathering of passionate young people who go around Munster to spread the Word of God :

Aside from that, the crazy back up singer in the worship band, Emily Gale is going to France for 6 months and it was the last time my eyes saw her wacky smile and my ears heard her psycho singing. 

Have fun in France. 
Don't become all french-ised (franchised)

The time we all hungrily waited for. To sink our multi international teeth into mouthwatering food!!!
The ladies in the church kindly made us a variety of wraps along with crisps and home made chocolate krispies and tiffins which were savagely attacked.


When it was 10 minutes to worship..a big lightning bolt zapped our brains. 
We realised that the lyrics for all the songs were not on the computer.
Audrey kinda went on stressed-don't-mess-with-me moment and went with lightning speed to type all 10 songs in 10 minutes. Oh man some songs had 3 verses and 2 bridges. 


But thank God, everything was done in time !!

George gave the Word about how most of us might have had dreams to do mighty things for God but the spirit might have dampened due to many reasons. So main things to ALWAYS remember.

1) God loves you NO MATTER WHAT
2) God'll forgive you NO MATTER WHAT
3) God understands you NO MATTER WHAT

The bus ride home was definitely the best part. well up to the part where my carsickness kicked in and so did my headaches. 

Don't you hate it when you attempt to sleep in a bus and someone sings/screams right behind you ?

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