Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year 2011!

Aisling had a party to welcome in the New Year. When I arrived all I could see were people. practically the entire Transition Year was there from both classes. It was HAVOC in there. loads were jumping up and down off the trampoline outside. Some smart ones even jumped till they flew out of the house and landed over the fence. 

It was like a heaven of the most unhealthy food in the world. Crisps. Marshmallows. Soft drinks. Sweets. Muffins. Cookies. Jellies. Overflowing boxes of chocolates. This is what happens when you have a potluck party after Christmas. Everyone comes in with chocolates. Tons of em.

We spent loads of time in the kitchen just chatting and thanks to Miss Jade Hoynes our minds are not extremely disturbed when we see any kitchen utensil. Let's say she thought of things no one should ever dream of and said many lines to make it all the worse. 

This year compared to the years before, was definitely lacking fireworks. In Malaysia we're so used to the explosions of money being burnt in the sky every countdown at every big shopping mall out there. This year, we had 3 sparklers and one small explosive one in the sky. That was enough for us I guess Haha! We kept throwing the sparklers in the air though.

This was just a few of us. Basically we spent the entire night partying. I think there were only a handful who fell asleep. I slept at 5 , woke up several times thanks to the lads, Lauren who thought I wanted to wake up earlier and then Katie who gave me a call.

With brand new eyebags, that's how I welcomed in the new year!

The minute I left Aisling's house I went over to Charmaine's for her birthday (furthest on the right). Yeap she was born on 1st January. Imagine her mum 17 years ago. Gosh. I arrived when..they just woke up! It was either come extremely early 5 hours before the party or don't go. 

Spent alot of time playing with Borat the 10 week old Yorkshire Terrier. Yes he is indeed named after Borat the movie. But he was so adorable, it was impossible to turn away from him. He ended up taking slippers everywhere though.

Karaoke was a big part of the night and so was the Nintendo Wii. Funniest was when they took out the dance game seeing the guys dancing to Pussycat Dolls doing body rolls and all. But it's such an awesome game I wouldn't mind playing it every day!

Spent the night at Sorah's and had a super long chitchat with her. Was nice to finally talk to someone about loads of stuff that I haven't told anyone :)

The following day after church went down to Connemara which was one very long journey. Why? We went all the way to the bridge where a scene was shot in the movie " The Quiet Man " in the 1950s. They even planted a sign there with the photo of how the actor sat on the bridge.

Lunch was then a bowl of seafood chowder soup with a little pastry puff in it but it's in a shape of a little fish! How adorable is that. Although the eye was made out of black pepper. Not a good idea to bite it. haha

So how was YOUR new year :)?

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