Wednesday, 5 January 2011

what a load of blarney

Blarney Castle 
is one of the known castles in Ireland. After missing the previous chance to go, I didn't miss this one. What's so special about this castle? It's known for the mystical Blarney stone which is found at the top of the tower.

If you were to kiss it, it has been said that you'd receive the
  gift of eloquence

Aside from the castle, the land surrounding it did not fail to amaze either. The greenery was enough to cure any eye deficiencies in a blink. There was a map given to us showing us the different paths and things to see. Sadly due to time constraint walking the 1 and a half hour extra path was not part of our itinerary.

Huffing and puffing all the way up the winding stoney narrow steps, almost slipping several times. I then wondered that probably all the royal folk that stayed there probably have really strong leg muscles and the fittest figures ever. Imagine just to go the toilet you gotta climb all the way down.

we reached the top, kissed the blarney stone and even got a certificate stating we did so !
Oh yes you have to sit down on the ledge of the top, do a back bend like how you do a bridge and kiss the stone that's about a metre away.

Mystical creatures were also featured in the landscape such as fairy circles, druid caves, witch stones and each one had its on explanation on what it meant in the past. Like how the witch would be paid by the castle folk with firewood to keep herself warm. Some parts were rather interesting as I've heard of these things through video games hah!

Found a cafe nearby which had a big KOPI sign. Which means coffee in Malay.


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