Tuesday, 25 January 2011

YSI International Food Fair @ School

The Young Social Innovators group in Transition Year 1's issue has to do with social inclusion of foreigners in our school which branches down from the well known issue in the world,


After months of planning, our words finally became actions and we had an International Food Fair serving 6 different foods from 6 different countries to introduce different cultures to the students in our school. 

So for only a mere 20c, they were given the opportunity to taste something new. Our aim was not to earn profit but just to let the students experience a whole different culture.
 All the proceeds were given to Amnesty International as well!

So for the past few months we've been researching to what recipes we should have. So we stuck to desserts as it reduced the risk of food poisoning. We had surveys, interviews done to several foreign students in the school about what food they miss/fancy from their home country.

To make the event a little more livelier, we made posters of each countries name along with the flag and the name of the dish pasted over the walls behind each stall so that more people would be able to realise that..

well, something was happening in the cafeteria haha

So the total of countries we had was 

Poland - Polish Yeast Cake
China - Fortune Cookies
France - Nougat
Italy - Almond Biscotti
German - Marmor Cake

and my own awesome home country...


Okay I know most of you are like..

"dude those are sandwiches."

Well, I used kaya in them! I know the bread would be so much nicer toasted, but I couldn't exactly toast them on the spot , cut them and distribute them. So I had to make due.

Malaysians reading this you'd definitely know what kaya is. If you don't, YOU'RE A DISGRACE.

Most people are like, OMG THERE'S COCONUT JAM. GROSS. Well truthfully I didn't even know kaya was made from coconut till this year (and I've been eating it for a zillion years)  It taste more like honey with texture !

Finally all the planning is over and now it's just the donkey report to be done. 

*special thanks to Eoin's nan for her daycent Marmor cake*

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