Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Chinese New Year Dinner !

As it was Chinese New Year on the 3rd, the Chinese restaurants were all closed for the holidays. Thus, our family dinner was postponed to well... today! But when food is in the question, who cares what day it is right?

The chopsticks were placed on an adorable ceramic dragon that came in a variety of colours! brown, green, whatever. They should have made rabbit ones though. As well, it's the year of the rabbit!

Hot chinese tea. Haven't had that in ages! Felt healthy too haha! Well the feeling of healthiness didn't last too long as the plates of food began to fly in.
Appetizers arrived. Yuk Sang
Chopped up bits of chicken, water chestnut, bamboo shoots, carrots, spring onions enveloped in a giant iceberg lettuce leaf. My favourite!

Fried Squid seasoned with chilli and salt. The vegetables on the side were a tad too salty though so the amount of times the pot of chinese tea was refilled were countless.

Mum and I shared the main course of Thai curry beef with rice and stole a little bit of Peking duck from Uncle Mike.

Me.Mum.Uncle Mike.Paul.Mark.Michael

Wearing a baju kebaya was kinda the wrong national costume for the occasion but oh well, I just take whatever my mum has in her closet. One Malaysia! I look like a Nyonya girl :D

Ended the night going to O'Donovan's Pub next door. Mum and I sipped on cups of hot coffee and got a free biscuit on the house. The pub was DESERTED. The poor man working there was probably deafened by silence. Recession is really hitting Ireland bad ain't it?

Finally. I look kind of Chinese in this photo :)

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