Sunday, 6 February 2011

Chinese State Circus!

Had a little nin ko which is traditional sticky sweet chinese cake made of glutinous rice flour. sandwiched between two slices of sweet potato (lack of yam) submerged into a egg batter and deep fried. It was actually the first time we made it at home. Cos normally we would just drive out and buy one but over here, it isn't really an option haha!

Oh the deliciousness.  

As it's Chinese New Year, the Chinese State Circus came down to Limerick to perform and we bought tickets! It was a really interesting crowd when we arrived. There were tons of Chinese kids..with Irish parents. The amount of them probably filled up 3/4 of the hall. Looks like Angelina Jolie ain't the only one adopting from across the seas :)

T'was a really nice warm fuzzy feeling inside to see them.

The performers entered the room with a big bang with plate balancing girls, chinese music, costumes a variety and they were even selling the plates and sticks outside. Seeing the lil kids in the crowd attempt to do so was entertainment alright.

The word circus was definitely not put to shame. The gasps from the audience as the girl on top kept adding more and more wood to make it higher and higher. It was an even bigger shocker as the person below carrying all the weight was a girl.

Oh yes and there was a lion dance as well! The pig from the ancient chinese folklore known as Pigsy or Zhu Bajie. He kept the audience entertained with the constant demand of food along with his complaints of starvation.

The Monkey King a.k.a Sun Wukong came flying in with his staff doing somersaults, kicks, punches and he was basically the host of the entire performance. Lip sync-ing with a recorded english introductory. Funniest part was that it was in Chinese slang-ed English. Kept the authenticity.

The amount of gymnastics involved were crazy. All muscular men jumping through rotating hoops again and again and again as if it was effortless. Even though there were times they knocked the hoops down, they never failed to complete it in the end!

There were guys who were riding the ultimate wheel unicycle and jumping rope at the same time (yes that blurry line above their heads is the rope. Can't blame me for unclear shots. Flash photography was prohibited)

There was a soloist guy who started doing extraordinary things on a rotating stand. This is probably the best photo of the day. The oohs and ahhs from the crowd never ended.

Carrying heavy objects with your head.

Or balancing on a single spear with your belly button. Parents probably had a million worries of their kids attempting to do all these tricks after the show was over. Haha.

Archery was taken to a whole new level.

That was one KE-RAY-ZEE chinese circus.

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