Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Mini Company Enterprise Day @ School!

One of the cuties in my Spikeball team that I'm coaching. It started pouring today and thanks to Katie we got shelter from her house...along with some toast and peanut butter jelly ! But Spikeball was the last things on our mind as we went back to school only to have more plans to be done

It was the Mini Company Enterprise Day in the school hall during lunchtime and we had to sell our CDs that we've made for the past 3 weeks. So it was Noel's, Jade's and our new release,

YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME (in conjunction with YSI project)
selling for only TWO EURO minimum as proceeds will be given to charity! (Amnesty International)

The entire hall was filled with all other stalls selling all kinds of things!
Candles, Shoes, Soap, Jerseys, Valentine gifts and the best seller was definitely the food.
Definitely the cookies, cakes and all you can scoff gallore :)

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