Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ring. ring.

Texting someone to say absolutely nothing but just
"hey, i'm bored"

Calling another only to say
"I called you for fun. Are you annoyed yet ?"

Wishing to do all that without the worry of..
"Is it night time over there? Wait..let me convert the time"
"Are they in school now?"

Is it selfish for me to wish that was possible?
It just clicked in my head..I don't have anyone over here that would randomly text me saying something random. or vice versa. 

Ignore this post. Was just thinking too much.
Sleep calls :)


Ricky said...

Aww :(

Anonymous said...

You can text me whenever you want :) I'm always awake :) Praying for you... it'll get easier!!
Love having you in our country... but I'm sorry you miss yours :( If you ever wanna talk ... you know where I am :) I'm all ears :) And I'll even learn Chinese if that helps at all :D <3 Xx Emily Gale