Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Working Experience @ Church

Most people were shocked when I said I was having my work experience at 
Shannon Christian Church.

To me, wasn't really a big deal. I worked in Acts Church, Malaysia for an entire month and loved every single second of it. When I stopped work I missed it terribly and so I used what I learnt then to good use!

Basically revolves around designing posters and stuff using Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
Doing lots of typing, making reports of past events..which is kind of like blogging! So what's the hassle in that? Not to forget editing the soon-to-be-up church website!

As I was looking through for photos for the website, picked out some old photos (thus explaining my long hair) Best part is I didn't even know some of my friends volunteer at church on some of the days. Only thing is I was the only girl with...5 guys? Seeing their lunches fascinate me.

3 stacks of sandwiches
A full plate of mashed potatoes and chicken.

Well even though my lunch isn't like that , the brownies, cookies and snacking lately hasn't been doing me any good either.

Well I've been staying with Wise & Bonnie during the past two days (and the rest of the week) and she bakes. 

self explanatory.

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