Friday, 27 May 2011

Auf Wiedersehen :(

25 of us met in Molly's today, our first outing since school ended to say goodbye to Vivien that's flying back to Germany. We had tons of pizza, pasta, and ice cream and cake at the end too. In a way it was a goodbye for me as well (just for awhile) as I'll be going back to Malaysia and I doubt we'll be meeting up any time soon.

Vivien has been a terrific friend for the past 6 months since we've known her. Always willing to share, talk, laugh and one of the greatest friends I've had over here. I'm definitely gonna miss her, remembering the times we'd go for lunch together and she'd be munching chocolate nonstop yet have no effect on her.

But anyway, I'm not THAT sad.
Cause I'm going to visit her in August anyway :P
So TAKE CARE VIVIEN! :) I'll see you soon!

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