Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dubh Linn

So Obama came to Ireland to discover his Irish roots from his great..great...great grandfather. Where it all began in Moneygall. He greeted his VERY VERY LONG lost relatives, sipped on several pints of Guinness and treated them to some too. So after the whole commotion, what was left was the now all famous Bar (in photo) that Obama...once drank there. So we paid a visit. Sadly we couldn't go during the actual event.

They kinda barred everyone out if they weren't invited. Even the residents in the area!

We went to Dublin for the weekend and the all famous Grafton Street were flooded with street performers. This one particularly caught more attention than he hoped. A talented guitarist running up and down the neck...of a 


That's right, he invented his own guitar from an ol' oil tin can !

Leprechauns are well known in Irish folklore. But never would I have guessed that I'd have the honour of meeting one! This is what you call using the gifts God has given you.

Not anyone could have been such a convincing leprechaun :)

Juggling sticks on fire with knives on a 7 foot unicycle was another of the amazing feats we witnessed down the road. Despite several mistakes which I hope were purposely done.

( Like losing control of his unicycle and running all over the audience )

It was an entertaining show nonetheless.

The last time I went on the DUKW Tour together with Sonya and now here I am again with Sam this time. The amazing Viking Splash Tour ! Roaring at random "cults" on the streets, "the cappuccino cults" or.."the lost cults" 

It was nice to be vikings. You don't get to do that very often.

Looks like we weren't the only ones taking the DUKW Tour.

I guess Wally wasn't exactly hard to find..seeing that they were attracting LOADS of attention.

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