Friday, 20 May 2011

The glasshouse ain't green

Impromptu trip was planned to go to Sligo which is closer to Northern Ireland. Checked in to The Glasshouse which has PRACTICALLY NO PARKING SPACES.

It's so crowded you have to circle it a million times attempting to find one measly slot.

Bangers & Mash.
Sausages. Weirdly I don't like them anymore. At some point I might find them even slightly revolting. Reason : unknown. I guess I was so used to the lousy skinny super duper processed meat back in Malaysia with like fish flavoured sausages and so forth, that when I came to Ireland and was presented with wholesome fat juicy pork sausages, it was just alien to me.

Broke my guitar pick (ganasnye...) So Sam reminded me about them as we passed by a music shop and I walked out with these two! They were adorable. There were even Spongebob tambourines and maracas' 

I personally love the sticking-out-tongue one ;)

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