Sunday, 22 May 2011

I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree

Glencar Waterfall 
was one of our stops in Co. Leitrim. As the water poured down, so did the rain. The winds were in their battle mode with the objective of destroying everything in its path. It was freezing! Typical Irish weather welcoming us.

In my English literature several years ago, we used to read this poem talking about "Innisfree" I remember having to sketch the beehives and a small cabin. Little did I know that this actually existed in IRELAND. Okay you can call me the dumb blonde all you want but it was really amusing for me. I was like 

So yes, that green island in the photo, that's Innisfree.

On Sunday since we were still in Sligo, we went to this Presbyterian church near the hotel. To my utter delight I made new friends! Five korean girls and most of them were my age and taking the same year too! 
(I finally don't feel so old) 
Some of them have been here for just a year or so...LIKE ME. It was really cool and how I wished I could speak in fluent Korean after all the time I spend watching them Korean dramas.

As we reached home sweet home, we hurried to the fridge to take out Sam's 21st Birthday Cake (it was a brownie stack) which Mark helped to collect while we were gone, stuck the candle "21" in it and lit it up.

Samuel's old!! It's kind of peculiar that he's celebrating his 21st here as all his friends are back home in Malaysia and his 11 year BBQ streak has finally ended. But it was great fun to have him around here anyway :P

And he got kind of extremely sorta psychoticly crazily happy when he saw mum's birthday present for him.

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