Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Taste Of Paint & Chlorine

Glenstal Abbey was our destination of yesterday. What we anticipated was just a walk around where Sam could snap some photographs, probably just see the church and head back home. Instead we were in for a treat.

A lady who had booked an appointment with one of the monks there for a personal tour into the Icon Chapel didn't show up. So he approached us and asked us if we were interested!

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So we got to see the real actual icons that came all the way from Russia and he explained every single one of them. It was in an enclosed area so that it would be easier to see them as well as preserve its authenticity.

He then gave us directions to explore the garden that we had no idea was even present! It was such a wide layer of land just over a small tiny metal gate. 4 layers of steps and each layer had its own different ambience. One with a pond and flowering plants. Another with all kinds of vegetables along with peculiar little figurines that were placed totally out of place, like an awkward Mozart head or something. 

Which..we took some photos of course ;)

Geared up, with full camouflage jumpsuits, caps, face masks, black hard knuckled gloves and wrapped around with a a black belt with 4 sockets for pellet refills.

The Transition Years declared war.
Splashes of fluorescent yellow, orange, blue and pink flew through the air. 
The sounds of never ending shots, as if like a machine gun.
Sudden screams and maybe even a crazy person running around with his hands flapping in the wind to create a diversion.

Some even returned with memorable battle scars.

After a taste of paint in our mouth, it was our eyes turn to suffer the wrath of chlorine at the Tralee Aqua Dome.

With a slide that even records the speed of yourself speeding down to your curlywurly doom. It was hilarious to sit back and watch both the girls AND GUYS clutching their tummies being self conscious if any bits of flab were hanging out. When most weren't even present.

Nothing like a dose of ol' Macky Ds to settle the hunger of most. The waft of preservative-filled burgers, fries and creamy ice cream filled the air. I settled for a cuppa coffee and a roll from the petrol kiosk across the road.

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