Monday, 30 May 2011

What if you only had 49 Days?

I had the shock of my life when I ordered Pork Belly Noodle Soup that day in Charlie's. There were two HUMONGOUS slabs of freshly deep fried sinful 'siew yoke' on top of it. I mean seriously I couldn't find the noodles! 

We paid the Dublin Zoo a visit and it was huge! To me it was. The animals had so much room to move around. The previous zoos I've been to seemed like a closet compared to this. The new addition to the family was a baby gorilla boy! Sadly his mum was rather protective and didn't come as close to be able to be shot.... by a camera :)

Sealions. adorable. FAT & BLUBBERY. But cute. If only humans shared the same concept. Swimming and jumping in and out of the water. Waving their flippers to the happy faces in the crowd. Catching fresh fish being thrown by their trainers with glee.

"I love you thhiiissss much"
There was also the Malaysian favourite, the Orang Utan (pronounced oh-rarng oo-tahn) not like what most people would say over here. like Oh-rang-oo-tan. 

Finished watching 49 Days together with SAM, a new korean drama which just completed a week ago. Ja recommended it to me and I'm glad I watched it. The plot was really interesting..But why did the ending have to be so sad?

After finally awakening from he coma...she dies 5 days later because of a ruptured aorta. 

Wish that atleast one of the main couples had a happy ending :(

What would YOU do if you only had 49 days left to live?

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