Saturday, 14 May 2011

Where Edward intended to glitter Day 4

Termini Station – Ottaviano Station
Walked straight to yet another long line that continued around the block filled with excited tourists which was obviously followed by a row of vendors along the street attempting to sell their souvenirs, shades, umbrellas and jacked-up priced water.

The Vatican Museum
Is branched out into many mini museums inside displaying all kinds of art may it be in sculptures, tapestries, artefacts, glass paintings. There were hordes of tourists roaming around that security had to be so strict upon the “flow” of tourists. It was practically a one-way street.

“Sphere Within Sphere”
A giant bronze culpture made by Arnaldo Pomodoro. In the sphere is a tinier sphere which oddly looks like a quaffle to me (Harry Potter Quidditch ball). But this sculptures meaning is far from any Quidditch game. The outer sphere represents Christianity whereas the inner sphere represents the Earth.

The museum wasn’t just indoors, there were antiques displayed outdoors under the bright aqua blue sky. The detail of every carving there was just too much to take. Imagine how many months, years even! that the artist took to make that sculpture. And now it’s just one out of the hundreds displayed

Fabergé eggs
There were several different designs of these eggs in their own personal cubicle. The intricacy of each egg had its own unique specialty. So much for our chocolate easter eggs. These were worth millions!

Someone made famous by the all favourite Disney movie, Hercules.
All though I don’t remember Hercules ever having a giant club. But well he definitely stood out among his fellow sculptures as he was made of Bronze whereas the others were just merely losing their ‘marbles'

Aside from Roman History, The Vatican had many other countries history along with it. There was a section for the Aborigines of Australia & even real life...okay they’re dead, MUMMIES! The tombs were there as well

It took us forever to go to every corner of the museum, but I don’t think we actually managed to do so. But yes we finally had to go down the spiral and head out the door. Yes we did go to the Sistine Chapel but photography wasn’t allowed at all in order to protect the colour of the tapestry

So our stomachs were growling and we pranced onto the nearest restaurant we could fine. Sam & I shared a pizza with spaghetti carbonara along with a shot of cafe latte. We even got free bread to dip in olive & balsamic oil. I remember you could continuously refill them in Italiannies !

Shopping along the streets here were unique. This definitely caught my eye. What an ingenius way to display earrings! I mean come on, just poke them through an umbrella and BAM there you go. They used a camera tripod to prop up the umbrella stick. But still, that’s ingenius!

Met up with mum at Termini Station. and we hopped on to the bus heading towards the 
Catacomb of San Callisto.
 Today was definitely the first time an Italian was polite to us. No offence though. Two girls helped us alot by giving us directions on which bus to get out at an so on

We joined the English speaking tour (which definitely seemed like the majority) as we went down in to the catacombs. A cold icy feeling crept underneath our skin as if there was automatic air conditioning down below. But weirdly, there was peace. Sadly we were only allowed to wonder through the 1st & 2nd floor as the 3rd & 4th were off limits and..still contained many bodies.

The 1st & 2nd floor consisted mostly of martyrs, saints & popes. But as of now, they have all been transported to Basilicas for safe keeping. This is a replica of St. Cecilia. She had been chopped on the back of her neck but as they wanted her to suffer for being a martyr of Christ, they didn’t fully decapitate it, leaving her to a slow painful death after 3 days.

She was found dead in that position showing 1 and 3 with her hands representing 1 God and 3 – The Trinity : The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit

It was definitely a kick and one of the best places I’ve been to in Rome as it was just so meaningful & it was as if I could feel the peace they had as they rested in the catacombs. 

The day ended with a scrumptious chicken tandoori meal which was only 4.50 and it came with potato wedges, salad and a small loaf of baked bread that was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside J  

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