Monday, 20 June 2011

Cravings of THE DURIAN

Started off the day with a horrible excruciating pain of going to the imigration office TWICE (yes I had to go back and forth because of some stupid documents) only to realise that i went there for absolutely NOTHING. 

Looks like I have to go back there AGAIN this Wednesday

Managed to meet up with "The ChiaChienCouple" and met up with some others : Annei, Isaac, Justin, Kelly & Jay Han :). Initial plan was to go to SS2 but due to utmost jam we headed to USJ 8 instead :)
Photos aren't that clear because I forgot to bring my camera MEMORY CARD. So my handphone had to be used.

We ordered RM80 worth of durian and scoffed the lot. With stinky breath and mucky fingers it was totally worth everything! The best was when we all entered the car and our breath was being circulated through the aircon haha!

Since Daniel was around the area we went to Kayu for a midnight snack and realised how much we had in common. Like similar lame jokes, similar childhood, similar fat eyes (for asians) 

One thing of the entire day was we didn't stop eating!!
First the durians
Then we went to mamak for garlic cheese naan (yum)
Then another mamak for mutton soup
Then Chia was fattish and ordered thosai

Now sleeping over at Chia Sing's. We are so not going to sleep :)

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