Friday, 24 June 2011

Farmer Alert!

After CF walked around, headed to Jess' for lunch! Was given a rather 'wet' welcome thanks to her hyper dog, Crissy...she looked older than she used to haha! Went to Carrefour to help her purchase things for IU Day. Yes Interact still plays a big part in my life haha! Was nice to hang out with her. never really got the chance to do so yet. The only woman who can shout out


Met up with my son later in the evening, Chai Choon Thye. Taller than before, skinnier than before, more idiotic than before :) Sadly didn't manage to talk much with him as his mum soon arrived after

Discovered that Alan had the same shoe size as Jessica..which clearly explains that that's not Jessica's legs. Please, she's not that dark nor that hairy! It's creepy how his foot looks..kind of girly if you just shave off the leg hair you know :)

Acts Teens Week 2 - FARMVILLE
Took place in Summit Hotel. Last week a red carpet welcomed us..but now it was live fluffy fat yellow chicks, along with fluffy little ducklings, a rump rubbit, itty bitty hamsters and a shih tzu?  That's what I call a variety ! 

Loads of hot dogs with sauces a variety, potato salads and free flow of Kenny Roaster's scrumptious banana, vanilla and chocolate muffins! A time of mingling around with new faces. The best part was that out of no where, most of us (that already knew the plan) just froze in the middle of the ruckus. Totally frozen.

:) Epic moment looking at all the confused faces around us. 

As the theme was farmville, farms don't only have ANIMALS. We had FLOWERS for sale too ! Not some measly dying roses cut by the ones. Beautiful flower pots filled with flowers in their prime ready to be dedicated to anybody! 

We had a terrific time of worship which was led by Joneil and yet another episode of 

This time our extremely DARING and COURAGEOUS hosts chose to venture into the danger of...

Okay we all know when we buy biscuit tins they tend to come with the bubble wrap around the inner side of the tin right? But hey, really DOES IT ACTUALLY HELP ?

So what we did was, we put two biscuits on our PROFESSIONAL roller (a human that just rolls around) wrapped him thoroughly in bubble wrap and sent him rolling down the hill. Sadly the end result was just biscuit crumbs all over him after being unwrapped.

Looks like bubble wrap is just there to amuse us with popping sounds :)

Juwita Suwito was our guest performer as she sang a cover of Fireworks - Katy Perry and her very own latest single, Stand. Not only has she won numerous awards, but she was even the vocal coach on Malaysian Idol. Her performance blew us away as we waved our hands to and fro.

We even managed to witness a live interview of how she reached her dreams, what was the journey she had to take and what was the true purpose behind it all.

Pastor Andy took the stage and began his message entitled
"The Birth"

The message was based on Moses. How there's 4 simple steps to life.
1) The Birth - Acts 7 : 19 - 20
There's always somethings that we can't choose in life, for example, our family! 

2) The Dream - Acts 7 : 24 - 25
All of us have a dream, but how much do we really want it? It's just a dream if you never put it into action. 

3) The Wilderness - Acts 7 : 26 - 39
We will ALL face challenges along the way. But we must always remember we're not a mistake, not an accident, not a failure, cause God has a plan for all of us :) Just remember that it all has to go according to His timing.

The right thing + wrong time = The wrong thing

4) The Encounter - Acts 7 : 30 - 34
Finally this is when we come to realisation of what God has in store for us. When we realise that our dream isn't the most important thing, it's our DESTINY :)  

As it was all about farming, practically everyone present there was wearing some sort of checkered design shirt. Some went the extra mile to plait their hair, wear farmer hats, or even bring a giant cangkul ! (hoe). It was really 


Loads of people said I looked really different. I felt in the mood okay, so I just dressed up. Jeans overalls with a bright pink checkered shirt..But the funniest was I actually tied my hair into two plaited pigtails. A feat I have never done (shrieks) 

Was kinda funny, interesting...a once in a life time thing. 

*quickly unties hair into its normal state*
Ended the day with SUPPER! Oh gosh it was so good. 
Pieces of lamb skewered and barbequed to perfection with all its fatty goodness melting dipped into spicy peanut sauce.

Oh heaven,
big thanks for the treat Joben!


mumsie said...

the farmer's overalls looks familiar, hehehe

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hahaha yes i raided your closet :P