Saturday, 11 June 2011

First week recap!!

Sam Saw, Jon Ho and Mich Loh brought me to my first meal in Malaysia. SS15, Darussalam the typical mamak. A hot piping crispy roti canai filled my tummy with spicy sambal while Jon gobbled down two maggi goreng and two roti canai.

A surprise to the church peeps was made as I stepped into the Grand Ballroom of Summit Hotel where the re:union sunday service was being held. a combined service of a 1000 people? Jaws were dropped, screams were heard, hugs were given and my face turned to a juicy ripe tomato as they announced my return on the pulpit.

An impromptu trip to Kuala Lumpur along with Sam, Jon, Mich and Ben as we went to see the sensational Sam beat boxing in Fahrenheit 88 together with the talented Aaron as he rapped. Had our lunch in Lot 10. A yummy bowl of lou shi fan with minced meat in dark brown sauce along with a bowl of soup with pork balls which was eventually licked dry by Sam and Ben. Laughed ourselves silly attracting unneeded attention by mimicking Family Guy.

They brought me to Meeples. A board game haven filled with all kinds of peculiar unknown board games. paying a fiver per person per hour would give you free access in playing any you fancy. we ended up with Fast Food and we started stabbing the toy squeaky burger as we "made" our burgers.

A day out with Kelvin before he flies of to "OHHH CANADAAAA" a movie outing seeing X-Men which yes i highly recommend! It was a full house and boy was it so intriguing we forgot we brought food in and only discovered it later on the way home. P.s. thanks for lunch kel

It was a crazy time with Ben as well when he kept trying on clothes which me and Kelvin categorised as GAY. T'was a really fun time at Sunway Pyramid (Which I extremely truly appreciate now after returning from Ireland)

A trip to Snowflakes. home of the sinful melt in your mouth icy goodness. My usual order of grass jelly series Set B including barley, sweet potatoes and pearls. thanks to the awesome husband of mine Esther Kee for treating me.

A hangout with the schoolies, Jess, Xing, Esther, Ricky and Zhu En. Catching up on what I missed in school as well as handing out the prezzies i got for them. how Zhu En finally got his wish come true with his butter cake delivery fresh all the way from Ireland.

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