Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Daddys Day & David Choi!!

It was Father's Day and I finally got to see my dad after an entire year! Brought him to my church and had a great time as we were able to pray for each other. Lunch at Logenhaus was scrumptious as well and a gift was presented by the 3 kids (1 absent due to being Dr. Chew in Sabah) 

Overall the whole rushing thing was a little humorous but it was good.

Dropped off at Chee Kin's house to finally lay hands on my David Choi tickets which Jinn helped me to buy 2 months ago. After much excitement we finally left off to Bentley Auditorium for the concert. Sleeping in the car made the journey all the more shorter.

Upon arrival there weren't much people at the door so we headed to grab a bite. If only we went 5 minutes later, we would have seen David himself as he just walked through the doors. Drat. But oh well, one thing I loved about this concert is that it's the smallest one I've been to! 

No smokers, no mosh pits, no sweat 

Bumped into the gang of ex-Seafieldians! Nick, Emily, Fel, Justin and Rachel. They came fully equipped with signboards and goodness knows what else! Made the night all the more fun as we sat together. 
The more the merrier right :)

Not only did they make signs. They even drew David's face on a helium balloon (which they gave to him) along with a brand new mini frying pan together with cooking utensils with messages written on the handles in silver marker. Never did I ever see fans buy cooking utensils for their idols.

It was kinda cute how their message was 
"Stop eating microwave food and start cooking!"

Sat beside Chee Kin & Justin throughout the concert and it was crazy awesome. Lights were swaying in every direction, singing along to the songs I knew and screaming. Yeap, screaming. The best part was David went on Twitter and started calling out the names of the people who twittered about him at the concert.

(starts running around in glee)

He then twittered a totally random tweet which contained random words from the screaming audience. Along with our human tsunami :) He was really so down-to-earth you just couldn't help but like him!

David Choi appeared looking nothing like he was in photos. Truthfully he looked WAY better in real life which made him all the more dreamy, as if his voice didn't already have that effect. Here's a video of his originals,

Something To Believe and So Weightless

Set List 
Youtube Love Song
Something To Believe
So Weightless
Always Hurts
Enjoy The View
My Company (Facebook Song)
Only You
 Rocketeer (Cover)
You Were My Friend (new)
This And That Is Life (new)
Won't Even Start
That Girl
By My Side

Throughout the entire concert he did one cover which is Rocketeer and this is the only full video I took. My arms were falling off by the time I finished it (Thus the sudden drops) But hey you're watching the video to hear how he sings, not so much for the video.

And his voice was to die for :)

The concert sadly came to a stop and David ended his concert with the now correct phrase, 
"Terima Kasih"
which he previously said 
"Terti Kamasa".

 He was such a down to earth guy and it was one of the best concerts I've been to. It was even better that we ended it with a midnight snack at Silva's. Got my cone hat shaped paper thosai :)

Thanks Jinn for fetching me to and fro :) Without you, I would have never gone to the concert!

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