Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hari Koperasi, SJ &..TRANSFORMERS 3!!!

SS17 was having their Koperasi Day which meant 1 hour long recess break! So there were loads of stalls all open around the hall. Loads of blended ice drinks, asam laksa, pizza, spaghetti, "Subway" and mini games including the "Angry Birds" sort of game? Same catapulting concept except the angry bird had to fly into the target hole (which was practically impossible)

Spent the whole time fooling around and weirdly all I bought was a bubble tea! Why didn't I buy the food? Weirdly wasn't hungry...till when I was all the food was sold out! Hung out with the school 'kids' and also mixed around with the form sixes :)

Revo Street Team hit SMK Subang Jaya this time round as we went around spreading the news about 
Acts Teens Week #3 - Wallposts. Two more days to go "hailering" around with the hailer ! Managed to even  make new friends at the school itself! Crazy. Ended the day finally going out with the street team for lunch!

Shaun.Darren.Edwin.Arthur. The list goes on

Jon picked me up straight after work (thank you oh so much for coming from KL to Subang to Midvalley) Your actions are deeply appreciated! Headed to Midvalley with an excited heart knowing that a totally awesome movie awaited us. Grabbed a quick dinner - claypot lou shi fan! Thanks again kor for the treat.

So thanks to Nuffnang, I received a pair of premiere tickets to 
And no I didn't just get them for nothing, I did have to enter the competition and thankfully, I was one of the winners! What we didn't realise was we were given FREE FOOD IN THE CINEMA. So much for buying popcorn and soda when they were already provided at our seats.

Big thanks to Jackie Loi for picking up my tickets for me :)

Little did I know I'd bump into Sam there! (Well I found out earlier this morning) But what was more shocking was that he was the opening act before the premiere together with Aaron. Sadly I didn't catch their entire performance, so here's the 2nd half of it. They were great :)

The movie was EPIC. Mindblowingly EPIC.
From a personal point of view, it definitely beat Transformers 2. It was as good as the first one or maybe even better. The lead actress seems to be better at acting compared to Megan Fox.

Thanks a million kor for bringing me there and back, for the dinner, for the popcorn, for the everything! 
Can't wait to go Ikea for the heck of it :)

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