Saturday, 18 June 2011

An Impromptu Crazeh Night

Facebook sometimes can make such boring nights become unexplainable ones. Carmen posted
"Who wants to go for dinner??"
 And as I was planless due to much ffk-ing by several people (which I don't mind) I agreed! I mean who says no to dinner?

Carmen, Matthew and I decided to just go nearby and have a crazy full meal consisting of kangkung belacan, sweet and sour crunchy pork, fried squid and steamed egg with century egg. We were so full that both carmen and I gave half our rice to Matthew (which made it even worse for him)
But boy was the food DELICIOUS!

After a pee break in Carmen's house (yes we actually just went to her house to pee) Met up with the Lai's in Lorong! Which is an actual mamak (24 hour eating outlet with loads of awesome food) a lorong (an alley). I didn't know that. Loved Toh Wai's shirt so I just had to take the picture :)

Met up with the now buffed Toh Seng! Gosh, those were the days he had chubby cheeks then skinny pencil legs and now this! Was a super crazy night. We even went to pick Kah Tsin up from work...and since we had nothing to do we crashed at my place and talked nonstop.

On the way sending Kah Tsin back there were policemen on the road. We started freaking out incase they needed the IC and license and we were scattering to find Carmen's handbag thinking we left it at my find out it was on my lap.

Man that was priceless.

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