Friday, 3 June 2011

Is Féidir Linn

Me and the family went up to Dublin once more to witness the magical performance of 

" Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat "

Based on the well known Bible story, how Joseph was sold of to slavery by his brothers and the tables soon turned. But this drama had salt, sugar and every other spice you can even dream of.

There were segments including Paris and its accordion, Calypso and its many frilly costumes and boy did Potiphar's wife really dress to kill. It was even more brilliant as we had front row seats!

Is Féidir Linn!

Or more commonly known as

So we made a stop in Moneygall to the very same pub that Obama went to. This time we entered it and Sam and Mark got pints. The pub was thoroughly decorated with posters of Obama. banners of Obama. Photo frames of Obama. Even an entire table with Obama's head on it with a signature book there to state that you were there.
Well, I certainly left mine there :)

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