Thursday, 30 June 2011

It's one Revolutionary Day

Daniel picked me up and we zoomed over to USJ 13. Our next school to target for the giving away of free drinks and prizes along with promoting our Acts Teens #7 Weeks. The team for the day changed a little as Daniel and Yi Wei came on board :)

There was this awesome keropok lekor stall across the road which we...attacked. How many packets of keropok lekor did I have oh gosh. Both the crispy and fat fried pieces of mashed up fish drowned in chilli sauce

The big tub of ice along with grape juice was like heaven to most of the school kids at 1.10 in the afternoon when the sun is KILLER. Managed to see a few familiar faces and headed to have lunch together with team later. 

Ordered roti tisu forgetting that that specific mamak was famous for their 3 plates long roti tisu...It was Sri Melur at USJ 17. My jaw dropped when it arrived. gosh. Broke my heart to see it half eaten.

Headed to the church office to lend a hand to Joel as I typed away and did multiple staple booklets which yes due to my utter clumsiness...I stapled my own finger! Such joy eh? Well not a surprise..isn't my first time.

Was fun to have the volunteer tag around my neck once again. definitely miss that one month of V.I.P (volunteer internship program) that I had in may 2010 :)

Headed to church to help out with 7Weeks decoration which required a load of thinking writing idioms and "peribahasa's" all over here and there with a little snipping and gluing at one point. Funniest part was 


You know, nothing bizarre, just sat in Daniel's Car with Joel in the front..bass in the back seat and Arthur and I in the boot...y'know nothing unusual.

*cough* BOOT *cough*

Had an awesome ayam penyet meal by the way. Although I didn't exactly order ayam penyet (smashed chicken) The chilli sambal with lime dip was to die for. 


Anonymous said...

omg the roti tisu u ate there is kayu nasi kandar right?

a.c.e. said...

HAHA i kinda took that random pic of roti tisu from google. i didn't take that photo.