Saturday, 18 June 2011

Kian Yip & The Neverending Land of Food

Kian Yip picked me up in the same ol' red car and said the best line in the world.
"I have no idea what we're gonna do today"
Exactly why we had the best craziest day ever! Without any plans, nature took its turn on things and made our day pretty topsy turvy.

In a good way of course ;)

First stop was Petaling Street and we had beef ball soup with dry noodles downed with cold refreshing chrysanthemum tea which was objected by Mr Kian Yip due to my awesome sexy hoarse voice I've been having for 2 weeks now.

This is why...talking too much isn't good haha!

While on the road we saw an accident of a lorry together with a rather (now slanting) lamp post. As us typical (kepoh) Malaysians, cars were slowing down fry both sides of the roads to get a closer look. We on the other hand had to detour to get some things for his dad resulting in us travelling from

KL - PJ - Shah Alam - Sunway

We then felt the car tire was rather flat, stopped at a petrol station..only to realise we had to change the entire tire! It was cracking. So Mr. Handyman Kian Yip began to change the tire while I went to get a drink haha! Once again, whenever I go out with him, something interesting happens.

It was hot, sweaty, a typical Malaysian afternoon. Thus as a typical Malaysian we went over to SS15's famous cendol and had a little taste of heaven in a little bowl.
Cendol pulut was my choice.
Shaved ice with palm sugar, a blob of gooey sweet rice, red beans and little green worm-like jellies. AHH HEAVEN!

Then the smell of the oil in the wok was right next door as there was a selection of the typical Malaysian fried munchies!
Pisang goreng (banana fritters), Cempedak goreng (fried cempedak), Cucur udang (prawn fritters), keropok lekor (fried fishpaste). Oh it was so tempting to just buy it all!!

Had my share of some and my stomach was feeling the joy. Kian Yip still felt hungry and we headed to Darussalam for his nasi lemak. Met his sister as we picked her up from piano class and back home I went!

Thanks Kian Yip for treating me to so much food! A truly Malaysian outing.
The entire day was dedicated to one thing.


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