Thursday, 16 June 2011

A land of bliss but yet I'll miss you Kel :)

Chee Kin and Charles
Paid SMK Seafield a visit which was greeted with loads of sweaty hugs with people in school uniform and some shouts of 
"eh! What is Audrey doing here???"
Hung around for awhile and soon walked over to Bliss to have our lunch together. Kinda surprising to see several people I didn't expect to see :)

Alvin Ong Tze Loon was there as well! My Standard 1 -3 buddy which I never talked to till we grew much older! Who knew he'd grow up to look like this right? Haha!
Was definitely a fun time as I didn't expect to have lunch with him. Bliss even had a promotion of Chrysanthemum tea for like RM1. Awesomeness to the max.

After the prefect Meeting, Kaelan & Wei Yng joined the lunch and kaekae treated me to a Bliss Thick Toast which is thick french toast deep fried, smothered in butter & melted chocolate.

Even looking at it you can see the level of sinfulness it has

Wei Yng's pangs of hunger started to attack. Well more for her craving for ice cream. She fattishly scoffed down 800ml worth of ice cream while Kaelan & I sat there gawking at the rate she finished the tub. 

The duo had to go off to tuition soon. After awesomely walking me to the bus stop, I hopped on the typical bus back to Subang Parade possibly annoying every other person with my message ringtone which kept going off.

As I went to Parade to meet up with Damien (which I surprisingly didn't take any photo with) we bumped into Jeremy (in photo). Had my dinner at Manhattan Fish Market which now has the awesome student discount!

As long you have a student card you can get a meal and a bottomless drink for RM10 NETT! Why didn't I know of this earlier!?

Damien & I set foot off to Kelvin's house (which took us about an hour going through a whole crazy adventure of falls, thorns and goodness knows what) We arrived first (yes even earlier than Kelvin himself)
As all of us slowly arrived, we had our last hangout with the 

Canadian Chinese, Cananese boy - Kelvin Khoo
His speech was given, a few tears here and there including yours truly.

You are an awesome possum retarded friend. I never felt like I could look at someone and say..Hey wow that's me! I felt like you were a weird mirror of myself..except you're hot and I'm not. CHIEH take this compliment. it'll be your last ;) 

Go to Canada, all the best in adapting. No one's asking you to rush. I know your feelings and trust me, call me, text me, email me, facebook me, ANYTIME. and I'mma talk to you.

You're not alone Kelvin. 
sorry for getting so emotional :) I probably made it a 100 times worse for you

After saying goodbye to dear Kelvin, a few of us headed to Murni's in USJ for some claypot lou shi fan which me and Joben enjoyed although we didn't even buy it :) Thanks Manda and Yi Wei haha!
We broke the silence in the place, screaming and laughing the place down,
Had a great time :)

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