Friday, 17 June 2011

Log In to Week 1!

For the first time I returned to SMK SS17 Christian Fellowship to visit them and realised that wow! There were twice as many people as there used to be and it was even in the bigger hall which had instruments and everything! I even had the honour of playing the piano for worship :)

Had a crazy time together at lunch after that together with Joel Wong as he soon realised he had plunged into the deep of a big group of psychotic children.
Laugh until abs also can grow. 

Acts Teens from my church began their Facebook series launch called 7 Weeks. All of us know what Facebook's about and why meet people online when you can see them in real life THEN add them? Not the other way round.



We had our own chinese version of Justin Bieber , Bryan Bieber! As he actually dressed up like the Biebster walking down the red carpet to the blaring sounds of "Baby, baby, baby, ohhhhh" and he was the host for the night.

We had our very own "American Idol" starring Daniel Yoong which sang 
Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
Based on the video, the judges was already pre planned to react that way so no, we do not think that Daniel isn't talented because he ISS. Yes Daniel if you're reading this, I can be nice at times :)

P.S. Daniel has his own album, T.I.N.Y so yes he is pretty famous too :)

The night's theme was to come dressed to impress, Red Carpet style. Girls came in killer heels and glamorous dresses and when did guys love suits this much eh? :) I myself realised that...

See, this is what happens when you go away from Malaysia for a year. 

Pr Andy gave the message revolving around self identity as well when you Log In you have to fill in your "form" online about your details right? So what are we all about? How do people view us? Are we known as the
"I got 5000 friends on facebook I'm popular omg!" Is that the image that we truly are? :) I mean seriously, how many of those 5000 people do you ACTUALLY know? :)

There was even a section where photoshoots were allowed and the best part was you could get polaroid shots of yourself! There were even props provided at the side if you wanted to have a more 
EPIC photograph.

I managed to get a photo with the "Biebster" it was actually pretty fun acting like I was a die hard fan screaming my lungs out as if they were gonna pop out and sprint around the room. One thing I learnt from today is...


Almost died in heels when we were cleaning up the church.

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