Monday, 6 June 2011

malaysia tanah airkuu

So here's the story

After a 17 hour flight back to Malaysia running from the plane to the arrival section to see 3 familiar faces.

Samuel Saw. Jon Ho. and Mich loh.

The 3 awesome people who took a cab to the airport to bring me back home. Then I headed off to church to surprise the lot. It was in the grand ballroom Re:Union Sunday and it was packed to the brim. Seeing all the faces going gawk-ish.Hanging out Kuala Lumpur and playing random boardgames in Meeples.

So much to tell, yet my internet is busted (using friends computer now)
So this week it'll be pretty empty as I'm going to camp for the next 3 days but do not fear, once my Internet returns so will my overflow of words ;)

Signing out,
in Subang Jaya

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