Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Princess Mei Hwa's Seventeenth

The morning was filled with char siew goodness together with Dad as we went to renew my passport. Thank goodness there was no line and I just had to wait for 5 numbers till it reached mine. Even experimented driving Dad's car which ALMOST resulted in a crash but instead in laughter. 

Re:Lex was our lunch spot where Princess Michelle Loh Mei Hwa cut her birthday brownie and she is now officially SEVENTEEN! Bowls of noodlelicious spaghetti carbonara and random jokes from goodness knows where.

Esther and I decided to be kiddish and went to the two little red plastic horses and started "racing" on the spot. I think our voices were echoing throughout the entire section. The others at the table were probably staring at us with gawking mouths going

" I so do not know those two idiots "

It was really a mixed crazy bunch of all of us. Funnily how it was all form fivers and Ying Yee was the one and only special form four girl. People present :

Aidan, Yi Jie, Nigel, Esther, Yan Qin, Savithra, Joshua, Ricky, Matthew, Xing, Ying Yee, Me 

and the most important one of all


For the first time I went to "Wheels" which is a new disco skating rink just 5 minutes away from my house. It was crazy fun because it was practically empty, lazer lights pointing in every direction with bright arrows, booming remixed music of the latest songs and even a ramp which I absolutely


Fell flat on my bums after the 2nd 'hill' I think I probably cracked my butt. It's purple now yo!

Michelle, you're the GIRLIEST GIRL I'VE EVER KNOWN.
Pink dresses suit you
so does make up
Six inch stiletto heels
did I mention pink dresses once more?

Don't I know you so well?

Had an awesome attacking time at Sakae Sushi as my brother and I attacked all the red plates! Due to an AWESOME PROMOTION. All Sakae Sushi members get 100% rebates on every red plate they eat.

Which practically means

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