Saturday, 11 June 2011

Project Mordecai CF Camp

An impromptu lunch together with Ken-Ji, Joneil, Brenda and... I met the oh so famous “tiny” Daniel Yoong. A person I’ve heard of a million times but never seemed to ever see him with my own two beady eyes. Over a meal of Macky D’s we had a little “French fry fight” Triple F! And soon we bonded in a flash.

Grabbed my bags and walked up the hill to First Baptist Church as our Project Mordecai 3D/2N Combined Christian Fellowship Camp was about to begin. SMK SS17, BK 4, USJ 4 and USJ 13 were about to get jumbled up. Imagine 3 Days of nonstop excitement, exhilaration and... chatting till the pigs come home

Several gatecrashers living nearby came at night to grab some leftover food as well as go for the sessions. Pamela, Ghim Hann, Ben, Sam, Mich and the list goes on.

Joel Loi gave his message about Disobedience and its effects. How we must let God Destroy sin as we take it to D next level. God uses people to speak to people thus we must be able to recognise His voice even through others

As the night crept upon us, several of us went to ‘sabo’ the other sleepyheads. Amanda, Lillian and I armed with our lipsticks, facial wash and camera went to hunt for our prey. Draw swirly red loops on their cheeks and squirting oodles of facial wash and finally snapping a photo to commemorate the event. The next night on the other hand, they tried to do it to us. Thank God my door seemed to be jammed.

Every meal we had there may it be breakfast, lunch or dinner was like heaven to our palates. All catered from Re:Lex Cafe in Empire Gallery. Everything was wiped clean and many times they lined up for more.

The water war, one of our traditions. Armed with guns, water balloons and random plastic bottles. The four newly joined teams went neck to neck as they attempted to protect their life ( tissue paper hanging from their neck) as well as their “king/queen” (theperson wrapped in toilet paper) Once the tissue disintegrated , well their life ended.

The Angel guardian game was carried out as usual. Everyone received a “mortal” that they had to take care of throughout the camp by giving gifts, letters, helping to take their food and so on. The names were chosen by random and soon some privileged mortals got showered in gifts while some others watched on the sidelines

Ian Quek even made a special appearance on the last two days as he compiled the photos and videos being shot of camp and made them into a presentation. Watching ourselves make entire fools of ...ourselves was hilarious.

Each group was required to perform a skit at the end of the camp. But the catch was that the story had to include the words “And suddenly” thrice. “leg hair” , “Superman” , “diarrhoea” and even “duck rice”. These definitely turned the tables upside down as every skit was a complete lame gallery.

Thank God that even my awesome group POTATO (yes the groups were named after vegetables : tomato, chilli, spinach, carrot, celery and our favourite...TAUGE!) Came in 2nd place!! Never did we expect to win the best drama which aided us in achieving such a high score!

Camp was awesome. Simply utterly awesome. Building so many new friendships, repairing old ones. Laughing till my sides burst and oil poured out. Feeling the fresh anointing from God as he touched each and every one of us. The only regret I have is that camp should have been longer. Way longer.

After a long 3 day camp, most people would have either crashed on the floor or crashed on their bed. We few geniuses instead went to the movies in Sunway Pyramid. Super 8 IS SUCH A FAILURE. I’m sorry but it bored me and there wasn’t much to the story line. Normally I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to movies but boy did this one seem a little “meh”

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