Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Return to Interact!

Woke up to the "sweet" yapping of the puppies next door at SEVEN in the morning. Having only 4 hours of shut eye I was still unable to shut them any longer. Got up, got dressed and took a walk around SS17. As I passed Jeremy's house, I wondered if he was awake and free so the text was sent. Thank God he was and we went to 


Spent the entire 3 hours talking and catching up about old times over a cup of teh tarik :)

Headed to Daphne's for lunch together with Sonia and her and was stuffed to the full even with already peeled fresh lychees thanks to Aunty Pat :) Put on the school PJ shirt and went to join the Interact club at SS17 ! Was so fun to "menggoda" Choon Thye and hang out with all the interactors. Might have talked a little too much for my own good. But oh well, interact party's on next week! 

After playing games, sweating, screaming and laughing a whole lot, Daphne even treated me to ChaTime bubble tea :) Now I'mma wait for Josman to call!

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