Saturday, 11 June 2011

Seafield Interact Charity + Outing With Jon :)


A quick stop by SMK Seafield’s Interact Charity Sale which is located outside MPH in Subang Parade. Both to see my long lost friends and the other to support them. They’re selling handmade keychains/necklaces which are custom made out of beads to any design you want. They aren’t normal beads. They’re plastic ones that are ironed together to be able to stick. I’ll take more photos tomorrow for illustration purposes!

As I was waiting for the others to arrive someone unexpected turned up! Jian! Was really nice to see him and yeah he took the opportunity to remember how short I was. Great. Mabel was there as well!  As soon as Chia Sing, Shaun and Kah Tsin turned up we headed over to Empire for lunch where I realised I knew all the serving staff from church haha!

As Jon and Sam were required to stay back to help for Interact, we instead headed over to Tropicana City Mall ( of all the places in the world ) and waited for Kah Tsin to buy his new Adidas shoes and we headed to the movies to watch Fast & Furious 5. MAN IT WAS GOOD. Well better than Chia’s driving :P

As a surprise Jon Lim called me up and said he ended work and he was free! Picked me up and headed to Pyramid to get a bite at SAKAE SUSHI!! Yay Japanese food! And along with that I tried the oh-so-famous bubble tea shop – Chatime which I believe isn’t pronounced as CHAT time. Ish.

After realising the movie theatre was jam packed worse than a sardine can, we headed to Summit instead and watched Pirates Of The Carribean. Man this is my 4th movie this week! A really really humongous big thank you to Jonnnn! You picked me up, paid for dinner, dessert, movie, popcorn & drinks and drove me home. Gosh. I should have gotten you 10 more easter eggs ;) WE SHOULD HANG OUT AGAIN KOR!

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