Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Snowfoospool :)

Volunteered to help out with the Revo Street Team as we continue our journey of giving out free drinks to students after school while promoting our Acts Teens 7 Weeks event! 

Boarded the van unknowing of the destination as yes I wasn't sure which school we were going to..and then Joel said the magic words


Began to scream as Seafield's like my 2nd school with loads of people I miss. Which all the more gave me the opportunity to invite! Finally got to take the signature picture with my dear Wei Yng ! We keep taking the same pose over and over again it has now become a trend.

Was even lucky enough to see Jon's "new" haircut :)

Damien and I headed to Sky Village for lunch. Never did I know that a shop existed in SS15 without tax ! RM6.90 
for porridge with yong tao foo and a glass of cold sugarcane juice.

WITH NO TAX. It was heaven oh my goodness. No crazy calculations had to be done to split the bill.

We began to scream as we spotted Marcus Pee across the road. He came running like a lunatic just to say hi, give a hug and he headed back across the road to go back home.

* lunatic might have been exaggerated

As if we didn't have enough lunch, we headed to Snowflakes together with Alvin Wong and Brandon Shia. Thank goodness I shared it with Shia. 


Bumped into alot of people as we were in well, the typical college area.

Amanda.Jolin.Rachel.Chia Sing

Had a game of foosball and pool for the fun not knowing that it was Brandon's first time playing! I'm awful at pool and all my shots are lucky ones, but I guess it felt nice having someone at my level for once! But who knew that Alvin would be so good at pool that yeah..he just won both games. He had evil glaring eyes every time he shot the ball.

Mr Korean drama guy, Alvin Wong
. Don't you think he looks like he popped out of a korean drama? Okay fine, maybe it's the hair. Suits him though. Thanks for asking to hang out, was really fun catching up. Hope to see you around soon Alvin :)

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