Saturday, 11 June 2011

Xiang's Open house

I spent my entire day hanging with the Seafield Interactors outside MPH as they sold their stuff. I went on promotion duty and walked around with a sandwich board only to get chased away by the guards. This time round I even helped in making them keychains and necklaces! Pretty aren't they?

Mun Hong came by too! The first guy for me to meet from my class :) He bought the same keychain I bought! The albino elephant made by Chui Pin :) Same ol' Mun Hong.  Except he got darker. No more Miss SK II model anymore eh?

When the sun went down, we went to Xiang's Housewarming Party and stuffed ourselves with the spread of delicious food along with meeting the other bloggers I haven't seen in awhile. Learnt how to play monopoly cards while losing horribly at it. As well as camwhoring with an iPad. 

Made a new friend Jamie as well and shot it off by beginning to talk crazily about Korean Dramas realising she was going to study in Korea soon. Even got a new message tone thanks to Jeffro. The well known Secret Garden Korean Drama adorable 
"munja wa shong , munja wa shong, munja wa shong!"

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