Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Avada Kedavra

Nigel, Sam and Mich came over to my house to have a maggi mee fiesta. Well the main objective was to practice for our performance...which kinda lasted for 20 minutes before we began messing around, jamming to nonsense. 

Sam was such a genius when he wanted to see my dog...and couldn't stop him from running into the house.
Watched Despicable Me with Michelle after :]

Josman the ultimate harry potter fan picked me up as we headed to Sunway Pyramid. From two months ago he already booked me for this movie and he even got the premiere tickets to it as well. 

9.30pm, 13 July 2011, Malaysia
Probably was one of the first few to catch the movie :]

Jon Tan.Tien Siang.James.Josman.Jia Wei
[Just realised there were alot of J's]

We had a little farewell dinner for Josman as well as he's leaving for the States this Saturday. The bunch of ex SMK SS17 form six-ers along with well, me. The form four drop out :] 

was where we had our dinner. creamy succulent mac and cheese with chicken. Big thanks to Jon for the treat :]

Sadly only Jos, Jon and Tien Siang came for the movie. The movie was great. Although as usual when compared to the book, the details weren't present but come on, how do you expect to summarise such a thick book into a movie?

There were even applauses happening during the show when Bellatrix died and when Neville killed Nagini. Yeah I can tell you about the story cos I can't really spoil anything for you..It's already all in the storybook.

Headed to a nearby mamak and once again thanks Jon for the treat. You're on a roll haha! Jos started planking on everything he saw. The trolley, the staircase, the car, the curb, the rock, even thought of planking on top of the autopay ticket machine

Thanks so much Jossy, that I can even see you this much before your / our flight :]

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