Monday, 4 July 2011

And the internship begins!

Dressed up in clothes that I would hardly be seen in. A pencil cut skirt, something I stole from mum's closet. Hopped on the train and headed to Bangsar. The music playing through my earphones were drowned out by the honking and revs of the cars zooming by. Filled with anxiousness yet excitement.

It was just a footstep away.

News Strait Times Office.
Day 1 of my 5 day internship finally came. Met the lovely reporter Cik Jehan as she gave me a personal tour around the office and even passed on her knowledge of journalism on to me. Made many new friends in the cozy little corner and I'm looking forward to the next four productive days to come.

In addition to that they kept stuffing me with food haha!

Dinner with the Dad and housemates, Uncle Lawrence and Kok Chun at Ming Tien was DELISH.
Braised duck with Pork in Vinegar with some chicken and beef satay on the side. Definitely was able to roll home after that :)

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