Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Back in the "sun"

Thanks to a miracle, I woke up at the normal Irish timing [11am] despite the 7 hour gap that there is with Malaysian timing. I remember when I first came here a year ago, I got up at like 4am. So got up, ate some bread [haven't done this in AGES] and went to meet up with some of the dudes and dudettes at the youth center.

I knew they were mad once I saw them riding the wheelchair. But not normally. They were flying down the slope attempting to drift at the appropriate timing and angle [while wearing out the tires mind you] T'was hilarious to see them ALMOST crashing into everything.

Thumbs up to those who use a wheelchair in their everyday life. Ain't no easy feat.

Headed to the park nearby and got reminded on how GREEN the grass is in Ireland.
"The grass is always greener on the other side" eh? 
The reminder of how annoying it could be when we naturally pull the grass out by habit and start throwing it at everyone's face..only to get hit back by your own grass thanks to the idiotic wind.

Got to hang out with the bunch of nonsensical twats today. Was super hilarious. Jet lag kinda hit me when I went into zombified-tired-hyper mode. Man it's gonna be so sad since none of you will be in my classes next term :(

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