Sunday, 24 July 2011

Bridge over to Town

Bridgetown South East Clare Show
happened today and at first I thought it'd just be a horse show with hurdles and so on but what I didn't expect was to see an entire tent filled with home baked goods. Sadly, all untouchable to the public and were only allowed in the mouths of the judges.

"Bumped" into several of my schoolmates like Sean, Kieran, Connor, Jessie, Aine and Emer as there was a mini carnival there as well. Bumper cars, carnival rides, popcorn, cotton candy, giant vanilla 99 flake cones and the air reeked of overused oil at the chipper.

Along with all the typical large-sized horses, also came the miniature ponies, geese, goats, pigs, cattle and more. There were dog shows as well ranging from tiny shih tzus to ginormous great danes and more. Sadly when animals are around, so are their faeces eh?

Freshly made too :)

Where all living things roam, plants come along in the package as well. Where the gardeners can flaunt their stuff. Giant roses with absolutely stunning colours and petals. One flower could knock a girl off her feet I tell you. 

So guys, start planting! :)

There was even a white Cinderelly carriage along with four footmen carried by two fine white horses. I'm booking that for my wedding this instant :)

All carnys aren't complete with a "guess how many jellybeans are present in the jar" or 

"guess how heavy this fruit cake is" 

Aine had the priviledge of jotting down guesses of the crowd along.
Hmm, so I do wonder, how much does it weigh ;)?

Dinner played a big surprise as a rose shaped baked salmon came my way. Spinach hidden at the bottom trying to be the leaves of the orangey rose. Pei Yi got the shock of her life when a whole trout was laid out in front of her. 

Both exceedingly scrumptious ! Available at Molly's in Ballina :)

Before I scream and burst into sunshine and rainbows,
Today in the New Sunday Times my first solo article was published in the YOU section featuring..myself and my experience that I had when I was working in New Straits Times!

And now I'll be writing articles every fortnight :) 
Delighted beyond compare!

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