Saturday, 30 July 2011

Claudia's 12 hour party

At 1 in the afternoon I headed over to Claudia's for her birthday only to get a very shocked response from Claudia when she heard I was at her front door. Why? I soon found out why. 

The party was from 6pm - 1am
I THOUGHT it was from 1pm - 6pm.
But for me, it had become a 12 hour party. 1pm - 1am. Sweet.

Since I was already there early, helped with the preparations of setting out the food, chopping salad, organising the cups and drink with sauces and dips galore. I was rather surprised that everything was going smoothly, knowing how clumsy I am.

Well I thought too soon. As I opened the jar of salsa sauce they splattered into one of the popcorn bowls. Genius. Salsa salted popcorn. Anyone interested?

Spent the whole day just catching up with my schoolmates as I haven't seen them for ages. Jumped off the trampoline, swung off her swing, sat on the grass, danced to the tunes, ate the scrumptious barbeque followed by the oh-so-sinful sponge cake layered with cream and berries.

[sorry for horrible quality as my camera died and I had to use my phone]

So Claudia blew out her 16 candles and received her 16 [ I think there were may more than that ] kisses from us all. One of the most talented people I've known who would probably be in Broadway before I know it! I've known you now for a year! Wow time flies. Thanks so much for inviting me to your great party :)
And double thanks for giving me a special 12 hour party!

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