Tuesday, 26 July 2011

harpoon pontoon. They sound similar.

Made a stop at the beach on Monday and mum got all fascinated at the smooth pebbles along the shore. I on the other hand started speculating at the barnacles stuck on the humongous rocks. Flashbacks of Spongebob shouting, "Oh barnacles!" started to play in my head. 

Mum replied by saying..Spongebob doesn't live in the sea anyway.
I was horrified.
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea !!!! 
Those are the first words of the theme song :(

Said goodbye to Pei Yi as she boarded the plane back to Bristol. I'll say the past 5 days have been awesome. Before this I only knew her by name and that we went to the same church for many years. But through this trip I got to know her much more.

Headed to Limerick today to meet up with Athiei just for the fun. Ended up going to the park at Arthur's Quay. Funny how you could see all kinds of random things there. Like babies attempting to get out of their prams to explore the big green world. Or couples making out on the bench. Or people like us, shifting from spot to spot hoping the birds above wouldn't choose us.

Had milkshakes, food and a whole lot of talking. Was really fun exchanging holiday details him from Belgium, me from Malaysia. And exchanging of lame jokes as well. Oh lame jokes how they rule :)

Thanks for carrying my shopping awesome super tallest friend I ever had. 
[He is bending SO much in this picture lol]

Met up with the killaloe-ians at the pontoon where there was a free show of guys jumping into the lake, some looking like little red beings. It was one of the hottest days in Ireland so far! I could actually feel the burn of the sun! Thank God :) Got to catch up with some of the schoolmates as well.

Going to the dentist tomorrow.
I are terrified.

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