Sunday, 10 July 2011


Smelt the 'fresh' city air, hung out the clothes to dry without a worry of rain due to the oh-so-piercing sun rays through the fluffy white clouds above. A start to my last week in Malaysia, and what a better way to begin it than by heading to church!

Sat in the porch while talking to my little sausage of a dog, Putra which means prince as he stared at me with his beady little eyes attached to his elongated body. A member of the family since I was in primary school.  Lying on his back hinting to get a tummy rub which he definitely did.

Had one of the most chocolatey breakfast ever together with Charlotte as I used my Starbucks voucher to get a free drink of any size and flavour by just purchasing anything there. So our choice? 

A sinful chocolate banana muffin with a creamy java chip frappucino

Church service was superb as Pastor Kenneth shared his heart out about being faithful, not just full of faith. 
It takes faith to start the race, but faithfulness to finish it. 
He then shared a story about a Father's promise to his child. In 1989, there was an earthquake in Armenia and when all hope was lost in the flattened school, the little boy knew his father would save him, which he did.

True story available here
It brought me to tears after hearing this story

Exactly how our Heavenly Father will always be there for us

Spent some time after church hanging out with the 'guitar posse' Then I realised I haven't purchased the New Straits Times paper yet which led me to run all over the place searching for a shop in Summit that still had it in stock. Thank God I found it! Thanks Cody for tagging along as well :)

10 July 2011 - Learning Curve, New Straits Times H2-H4 
For the first time my name was published in the newspapers, and not as the one in the content, but as the writer. 

[smile hits the roof]

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