Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Jumpa lagi.

At seven in the morning I reluctantly got out of bed with eyeballs red as cherries and lugged myself to the airport. This time it was no big fancy goodbye with tons of cars zooming to the airport. Just five awesome close friends who risked their lives in coming to see me off.


Joseph Benjamin Stewart. 
The drama king in everything, the one I can depend on and say whatever I want and not have a fear of being judged. The awesome person who would send me places in his awesome car [manual window HAHAH] 
Mamak sessions are due when I come home!

Cody Foo Jia Hou
A crazy friend I just made during the summer and how I wish that I knew before I left. A bundle of fun from Penang that is so dramatic in reacting. One lame joke and you could be flying off to the other end of the room screaming. When you get rich and famous don't you dare forget me Coex Beatbox :)

Chung Cammie
Knowing you from when you were eleven, i was shocked to see you when I returned. You changed so much and we got so much closer than before despite me not being in your school now. Seeing you grow and mature so much in the past year makes me feel so proud [wipes tears] 
Next time, we gotta sleepover again :)

Kenny Lew Tze Hao
I didn't expect you to be the one to come to see me off and I truly appreciate it. The only one from SMK Seafield. You were its representative. Since i came back to Malaysia I guess we got closer and closer compared to last time :) just know that I'm always here ! even though I'm across the seas :)

Damien Woo Win Kit
The psycho who would sometimes be up late in the wee hours of the morning and talk to me when I was in Ireland. The one who happened to have his semester break while I came back to Malaysia so we spent so many days together hanging out just chilling. You're awesome man! One of the best times was when I hung with you at Lakeside :)

all you guys get a personal thank you since you sent me off at the airport.
I'll miss you guys so much it's indescribable but.

I'll be back. not sure when. But I will be back :)

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