Saturday, 16 July 2011

Oh Canada..why was I such a dunce!

As of Friday, I had my last Christian Fellowship at SS17, followed by our last lunch, followed by the last week of 7 weeks, followed by a sleepover at Cammie's. Then this morning I sent Josman off at the airport as he's leaving for USA. But thanks to Miss Little Genius me, I accidentally deleted all the photos off my camera.

I know
I wanna kill myself for doing that.

I rushed to school for our SMK SS17 Interact International Understanding Day 2011.
This year they based their event on Canada. The layout was pretty the same as last years, round tables with chairs all around the hall as we watched the installation of the new B.O.D getting their sashes with their posts written on them.

The girls were dressed to the nines and mostly everyone dressed according to the colour scheme : red and white....Well this photo isn't exactly the best example but hey, atleast I wore pink and


Sam Saw and Aaron Lui 
from SMK Seafield opened the event with their talented rapping and beat boxing as several girls began to swoon in the crowd getting bright pink flushed cheeks.

The absolutely mouthwatering food was provided by Re:Lex Cafe which is situated in Empire Shopping Mall.  Spaghetti Carbonara, Spaghetti Ala Olio, Salad and Roasted Chicken filled our happy smiling tummies. Big thank you to Kaelan for being the first in line and taking my food.

No, Kaelan didn't just bring me food for the fun of it, he was my date for the day.
Big thank you to Kaelan Ong Wei Ern for being an awesome date of the day! It's funny how I turned up late and how you had to return home. But I really appreciated that you stayed to see me perform :) 
Was real sweet of you

Credits for photo : Carson Leong Kah Tsin

As I mentioned above, I performed together with a couple of friends with hardly any preparation. But we definitely had a fun time

Audrey Chew - keyboardist and vocalist
Michelle Loh - guitarist and vocalist
Samuel Saw - beatboxer
Nigel Lim - vocalist

Justin Bieber Mash Up of Next To You, Baby and Somebody To Love

Simple Plan - Save You

Managed to catch up and say my final goodbyes to all my schoolmates as it'll be my last time visiting the school till..whenever I return to Malaysia. Thank you to all those who came to this IU specially to see me off. It really means a lot to me :) And big thanks to all the planners of the IU. I had a great one!

The family that never broke apart.
Wife Esther, Son Choon Thye and Husband Audrey 
The retardedly mismatched family which will always be a big bundle of nonsense. I love you both :) I can't believe I danced with you Choon Thye, well if you actually called that dancing :)

After a quick wash up, Jon Lim dropped by and picked me up as we headed to The Curve. Ended up sitting down at The Apartment [yes it's a restaurant, not an actual apartment] and enjoyed an awesome meal over endless talking. Thank you so much for treating me AS ALWAYS. But this time the bill amounted to RM100+ and yeah I owe you so much kor :)

Finally our plan of walking around Ikea for the heck of it came to pass! We started exploring the wonders of Ikea. The unexplainably over-comfortable beds, the irregular shaped mirrors and multi-coloured chairs. Getting to hang out with you thrice these wonderful summer was more than I could ask for.
Thanks for being there for me and really I'm gonna miss you so much more than I'd know.

An impromptu mamak trip was attended by unexpected humans! Made a new friend Ena, and finally got to meet up with Charissa! Which I never got to meet till now [after saying we were gonna meet up a million times] as well as Guo Unn, one of the friends I gained this summer.

And finally thanks to the human who made all this happen. The person who sent me home. The person I knew since I was 13 when we splashed each other before knowing each other's names. 

Carson Leong Kah Tsin.

You son of a car, I'm gonna miss you :]

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